Karatta uses classic varieties for our sparkling wines: Pinot Noir (for body and weight) and Chardonnay (length and freshness) for whites and rosé. Great Australian red blend varieties are used for our sparkling red. We utilise press cycles, the taking of free run juice and pressings fractions and, with separate ferments, create “building blocks” to add complexity, the heart or foundation to making great sparkling wines.
Our cool, slow, primary ferments help highlight the purity of fruit and all wines complete malolactic fermentation. Neutral yeast strains are employed to create a delicate bubble without enhancing or distracting from the overall balance of the wine.
Enjoy our sparkling wines – three products, all with their own place: SS Karatta, a fun and cheery (some say cheeky) white NV sparkler; Tiny Star – an ultra-premium complex Vintage sparkling made in the traditional method of secondary fermentation in bottle; and a deliciously good, “Christmas-in-a-glass” Aussie sparkling red.